The Scent of Corruption

by Alaric Bond

Summer 1803: The uneasy peace with France is over, and Britain has once more been plunged into the turmoil of war. After a spell on the beach, Sir Richard Banks is appointed to HMS Prometheus, a seventy-four gun line-of-battleship which an eager Admiralty looses no time in ordering to sea. The ship is fresh from a major re-fit, but Banks has spent the last year with his wife and young family: will he prove himself worthy of such a powerful vessel, and can he rely on his officers to support him?

With action both aboard ship and ashore, sea battles, a daring rescue and intense personal intrigue, The Scent of Corruption is a non-stop nautical thriller in the best traditions of the genre.

Number seven in the Fighting Sail series.

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The Seventh book in the 'Fighting Sail' series


First Edition:
Publisher: Old Salt Press
June 17, 2015
ISBN-10: 194340402X
ISBN-13: 9781943404025

First Edition:
ebook formats
Publisher: Old Salt Press
June 7, 2015

The Scent of Corruption