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Some of the reviews by people who have read my novels:

"An excellent novel which deserves to be better known. Has a lot of well developed characters which gives good insight at all levels of the ships company and contains probably the best description of the Battle of Cape St. Vincent I've read in a fiction novel. Also seems to be a well developed back story for the characters as you get hints of their past on the 'Proteus' which leaves you wanting to know more. If you haven't read it, I recommend it and I'm looking forward to the sequel."

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"Tall sails, big guns - yes,its another entry in the ranks of Napoleonic Naval fiction. Well-researched, deftly plotted and quite believable, this entry from a local publisher deserves a wider readership (big publishers, take note!). It more than holds its own against the current crop of seafaring fiction - a great page-turner for any fan of the genre."

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“This book was a great read for someone like me who is not an expert on naval history as it was easy to get into and really made me feel I was there. The characters and situations felt realistic and engaging. The descriptions of the ships and the battles were clear and entertaining. The plot was original and thoughtful. I was not only entertained but afterwards felt much better informed about an important time in Britain's naval past. Highly recommended. “

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