Alaric BondMajor influences in my writing include Nicholas Monsarrat, C. S. Forester and John Wyndham.

My novels in the 'Fighting Sail' series are set during the Revolutionary wars but differ from the normal Hornblower/Aubrey sagas in that there is no "hero who becomes an admiral", rather characters from all divisions of the ship are featured, some to prosper, while others fail; many will continue in future books.

My latest novel in the 'Fighting Sail' series, Sealed Orders, sees King despatched on an urgent deep-sea mission so secret only sealed orders will reveal the final objective.. My most recent stand alone work, The Guinea Boat, is about smuggling on the South Coast.


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An excerpt from The Patriot's Fate :-

"King could hardly keep himself from smiling. He was dressed in seaman's duck trousers and a plain cotton shirt, doing work that could not by the widest stretch of credibility be called enjoyable; yet, once more, he was a lieutenant in His Majesty’s Navy. More than that, he had been appointed to one of the best frigates the old boy possessed and was serving with men he knew, liked and respected.

They had been hard at it since first light: seven hours with just a brief break for breakfast, and there was a wealth of tasks to finish before any of them slept. But still the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment was all but overpowering. With every hoy or lighter that came alongside, another important commodity was taken on board, be it beef, spirit, powder or men; and, as the ship settled deeper into the water, a new life seemed to develop within her.

She was coming alive; more than that, due to the input in so many quarters, she was almost being born again. Whatever had been before would be forgotten, and a new HMS Scylla was appearing to start an unspoiled life under a fresh command. And King was part of that process – an important part. With every decision or order a piece of himself was being given to the ship and, in return, a portion of Scylla passed back for him to keep for always."

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